Multi Sport Orthotics


Our Approach

Using our extensive background in the field of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we strive to achieve the most efficient outcomes for each patient. Unlike the traditional orthotic world, we implement a treatment plan consisting of when the properly fit orthotics and appropriate footwear are necessary. Our focus on individualized patient education and assessment greatly increases the patient's return to an optimal quality of life. 



Custom Molded Orthotics

To create this type of orthotic, the orthotist takes a cast impression of the patient's foot in a non-weight bearing position. A total contact design, true to the anatomy of each foot, is used to control structural and functional inefficiencies of the kinetic chain ("toes to nose"). 

Our custom molded orthotics differ from any lab made product. They are cork based (semi-rigid), allowing for functional control instead of inhibiting normal range of motion.

The orthotist hand makes each pair of custom orthotics based upon the patient's individual needs, treatment plan and footwear. Our turnaround time is two weeks.



Custom Fitted Orthotics

These orthotics are designed by our orthotist from pre-molded materials which are laminated into total contact designs. They are available in a variety of sizes and we customize them to the individual needs of each patient. The patient is fitted with this type of orthotic at their initial evaluation.



ASO Ankle Braces

ASO/EVO lace up ankle braces offer more support than ankle tape and are reusable. We offer a variety of sizes, from XS-XL.